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Magnolia Multi Service Center, 7037 Capitol Street, Houston, Texas 77012

Revive the community garden with us: Help us make this a truly grassroots, neighbor-driven community space.

Let’s create a culture of agriculture in Magnolia Park!



The garden is going into hibernation for winter! Another work day is being planned before spring planting—keep your eyes on your email.

Grow with us

Send us your contact info and we'll add you to our community garden email list! Our emails will discuss the next meeting time, volunteer opportunities, work days, allotment availability, and more as the garden grows with the help of the Magnolia Park community.

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Gardening Resources

These are a few resources for gardening, community gardens, and more. If you'd like to add any, send them over and we'll include in the next email!

  • ATSDR soilSHOP Toolkit | The name soilSHOP stands for Soil Screening, Health, Outreach and Partnership. ATSDR developed this toolkit to help communities and other groups plan their own soilSHOP events. This resource guides groups in how to learn if their soil is contaminated with lead and how to reduce exposures to contaminated soil and produce.

  • Finca Tres Robles @ 257 N Greenwood Street | The East End's only private, organic farm! Their farmstand is open every Wednesday and Saturday, with farm shares available for fall beginning September 1.

  • Buchanan's Native Plants "Houston Gardening By Month" | This quick reference helps you plan out what tasks need to be done in your garden every month, but specific to Houston's unique weather.