The Garden: A Space for Infinite Possibility


By Christi Vasquez

What I've learned in the short time I've been gardening is that if something fails, there's always time to try again, even if you have to push it to next year for the weather to be right. That if something fails, there's always ways you can improve--not even the most experienced gardener has a "perfect" season. And that if you succeed, it's unbelievably satisfying!

I planted “18 day radishes” this spring, and while a few were perfect, most of them were too thin and tender to take a good Instagram photo of, and ended up being flavorless. But the experience of not-quite-succeeding taught me that I need to space them out for a solid, rounded radish to form, and that contrary to their name, they need to be left in the ground far longer than 18 days. So I kept those thoughts in mind as I planted them again this past weekend, and I’m confident they’ll grow to be both delicious and Insta-worthy. Only 48 hours later, I already see dozens of hardy little green sprouts poking out of the soil.

I had these thoughts in mind when myself, along with the rest of the Magnolia Park team in LISC’s 6-month-long Training 4 Trainers workshop, decided to take on the project of reviving the community garden at the Magnolia Multi Service Center at 7037 Capitol Street. Our first meeting was on August 30, and there were over 30 people in attendance! So many wonderful ideas were suggested and discussed after the meeting, and my neighbors once again showed off their talent, gifts & just how cool/innovative they are. While I’m always proud to call Magnolia Park my home, I was extra proud that night.

In each and every seed that’s planted, there's a world of possibility, and the garden itself is an unpredictable, green cosmos of these possibilities. I hope that as a community working on this garden, we can tap into these possibilities for the good of Magnolia Park, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate in our successes together as neighbors.

If you’re interested in being part of this project, please visit for more information.

Christi Vasquez