Neighbors that Party Together, Stay Together


By Paul Richards-Kuan

We live in a country where we just don't know our neighbors. Maybe it's because our cars mean we can travel farther and farther to the point that we don't hang around our houses. Maybe it's because so many people travel to find work. But we just don't know our neighbors. 


I am so excited when I get to meet new neighbors of mine. There is something so special about sharing a neighborhood with one another. There are some things that only a neighbor can do- take care of your cat when you are away, help you find your dog who got out, make sure you are ok after the next hurricane hits. Frankly, we need to know our neighbors if we want to have a safe place to call home. We are safe when we are well connected. 

But that is the boring stuff- partying is the fun stuff. It's what begins the bonds and helps people develop lasting neighborly friendships. But even beyond that. Block parties are the most inclusive thing we have in our world- all you need is to be is a neighbor and you are welcome. 

I was reflecting about the last Eastwood block party. There were people from so many different walks of life. There were people who are from so many different economic classes. Different races. But we were in one moment focused on the good of the neighborhood. It was a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing indeed. 

So our neighborhood is changing? Bring it on! We are gonna stay together by partying. 

Paul Richards-Kuan