Summer Block Parties Keep the Neighborhood in Tune


By Christi Vasquez


Each block party we've hosted so far has offered moments of celebration, of new beginnings, and moments of reflection on the state of our neighborhood and what we can do as residents to make it even better. But this past weekend at the Pineview Place July Block Party, we experienced a new moment as a community--a moment of music!

For the first time in block party history, we had a live band perform and DJ for attendees. The band Not So Righteous offered to perform for the community for free,  playing acoustic classic rock covers and more. The children in attendance also had the opportunity to talk with the band members Joe and Michael, and asked them questions about their instruments, how long they've been playing, and even had a chance to play Michael's drum!

I agree that Pineview Place is a nice neighborhood, Damian!

Another new addition to both the Pineview Place and Eastwood block parties this month were our "I love my neighborhood because..." chalkboards, in English and Spanish. This collaborative art-making activity gives everyone a chance to let the world know why they love their neighborhood, and join in on the celebration! Once these two boards have traveled to enough block parties, they will have had dozens--if not hundreds--of wonderful things about everyone's East End neighborhood written on them.

Now on to our August block parties!

Christi Vasquez